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I’m usually a fan of disruption. I have been a disrupter in several industries myself and have had my own share of disruptions over the years that have forced my companies to reboot or die.

But this might have put me over the edge. 

As I have been putting up news on the website on a daily basis, I could feel myself get overwhelmed a few times.

As I reported to my employees at each of my companies that we are all in this together and to stay calm, I could sense my own fear. 

As I heard from client after client, small business after small business, tell me that they are shutting down, laying off and hopefully can come back when this is all over, I could feel the weight of this moment in our lifetimes bear down on me. 

But as I stood back and witnessed the community leaders in Southern Oregon stand up and take charge of doing what they could do, my concerns started lifting. 

As I saw people volunteer to 3D print medical PPE, it made me hopeful.

As I saw countless examples of students, friends, co-workers and families reconnect online with video chat it made me smile. Everything I have worked for my entire adult life is connecting people in powerful ways. 

None of us know how long this will last or how many companies will make it through or if we will survive it ourselves, but what we do know is that “we” will.

We will survive and once again thrive.

Someday. Hopefully soon.

Until then, Stay Home and Stay Healthy.

We are all in this together. 


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